Last night in New York City at the Lincoln Center, it was all about the ladies who pioneered and change the game of Hip Hop for women and it was hosted by our beautiful girl EVE! As we’ve all have had our fare share of bad new this week, this breath taking show, was presented very well by VH1 for getting all these influential women all in one room to celebrate! So I have to tip my hat to the producers who came together for this award show.

So in case you missed the show last night and won’t have time to catch the endless VH1 replays lol, here are some video clips of the performances, speeches and red carpet highlights!

Ok, so lets start of with some of the red carpet Highlights :

Queen Latifah is a pure genius and she totally spoke the truth about why women in the HIP HOP industry don’t get acknowledge and after last night she brought more awareness to the history of women in Hip Hop! So to the QUEEN and beautiful cover girl , you are truly amazing and the true definition of what #Blackgirlmagis is! oooooohhhh ladies first, ladies first! lol I couldn’t help type that out as I was singing it in my head lol!

Eve by the way did an awesome job hosting while looking flawless!

Can you believe they are still rocking hard after 30 years!!! #Careergoal #Legends #LeadingleadiesofHiphop

Missy you truly deserved this award because you visually made people pay attention and completely changed the way we looked at music videos ! Kudos to you ! #AllHAILTOTHEQUEEN

The diva herself was also receiving an award and it definitely was overdue! I mean think about it, give credit where it’s due Lil Kim changed how we all viewed fashion in Hip Hop for women. She was able to make Hip Hop more sexy, raunchy and hardcore while holding it down! #MUSICFASHIONICON

Here are some of the performances of the night!

The opener was with Remy Ma and Fat Joe performing #IMALLTHEWAYUP

Teyana Taylor killed this performance!! She had so much energy and totally replicated the look and mannerisms of lil kim down! Did you guys peep her throwing the blond wig on the stage thought?!!! She knew she killed it lol ! #TeyannaTaylor #BOMBDIGGITY ! I could of done without French Montana though!

Keke Palmer did her thing also ! Here I go, Here I go lol, who doesn’t remember where they were and what they were doing when their head started bopping to Salt-N-Peppers music.

Shout out to the producer that wrapped up the show ending with the Queen herself by bringing together all the women the hip hop together all on one stage! #DOPENESS #VH1YOUDIDTHAT

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