The return of Legendary R&B group HI-5 has been a much anticipated event by many of their fans and last night Hi-5 debut and celebrated the release of their new album”The Ep” in New York City , by doing a private and intimate performance of some their classics to their new single “It’s Nothing”.  As everyone in room , felt the excitement and joined in, by singing and dancing to the lyrics, it was clear that the group had beaten all the odds that they battled throughout their career.

To celebrate the release of “The EP” and the come back of HI-5 some key celebs that partied the night away with the group were:  R&B artist Meli’sa Morgan, Buddy Wikes (Former member of R&B group Intro) , R& B group Forced MD ,  R&B artist Zieme and rapper Chris Rivers ( Big Puns son). As the group expressed their gratitude for the support that they received they also took a moment to remember the late Tony Thompson, which was the original leader of the group and last but not least, former governor David Patterson also showed support by giving an emotional speech about the group and their come back.

Their newest single “It’s Nothing”, not only give you the feeling of old school R&B, but it definitely shows that true R&B music is coming back into affect.   HI-5 also made a point to mention , during their release album party that, although they have been through many trials and tribulation, the love that they have for the group and music, is what truly brought them back together to create their EP album. As HI-5 continues, to promote their new album, you can see that not only are they excited about this new album, but they are truly excited at the fact that after all these years that their true fans loves them just as much as when their music career began.


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