All grown-up and living his life to the fullest,  Tahj Mowry took a few moments to step into the Juicy Highlights music lounge via Skype to speak about his acting , life and his budding music career. Of course, your probably wondering, why would we choose to interview him? Well, first and for most who wasn’t a fan of the show ” Smart Guy & Full House “?!!!! Hello!!!!  We all have totally watched him grow-up in front of our very own eyes and to see the man he has grown into is actually quite amazing; and so out of curiosity in true Juicy Highlights form we were just as curious as his fans to see what he’s been up to and why he decided to share with the world his love for music.

Well here is the scoop of what happened when we hung out in the JH music Lounge.  Tahj was not only kind and fun to speak to, but we felt his true essence of being a humble person.  Once we felt that vibe, we knew speaking with him and getting to know who he is as a person, would make you love him even more! So While speaking with him, Mowry was not only excited to speak about his new music, but he was smiling from ear to ear and besides how can you deny that gorgeous smile!  As the interview progressed,   Tahj described his new sound along with why it was important to ease into the music industry with caution and respecting the art of music.  Although, acting was always his first priority Mowry stated to JH that :

 ” Even thought acting is my job and people have enjoyed my work over the years, It still doesn’t define me as a person. I have different interests and loves and so i really wanted to take the time to explore that.”

Therefore while in the process of creating his music, he wanted to really take his time in studying the business, figure out his sound and the style that he wanted to promote and deliver to his fans. So naturally,  Tahj began his musical search by listening to some of his musical inspirations for this particular EP “ Future Funk“.
As Mowry describes his sound being influenced by Micheal Jackson, Prince and lenny Kravitz his main goal for the album was creating a vibe that everyone can dance to , but at the same time purely enjoy the live aspect of his performance and life story through his lyrics. So without further a do, Check out the full interview and let me know what you think about Tahj’s new music!


If you’re a fan and you want to stay up to date on where Tahj will be performing next or what he will be up to, make sure to follow him here Tajh Mowry’s Official Website




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