The rebels are coming Ladies and Gents and they are not going down without a fight!  Game Rebellion, has been creating such a buzz on their ” Sounds Like A Riot Tour”, across the country.   The  Hip Hop and Rock-N- Roll  group, based out of Brooklyn have been such an influence in the underground world with the ” Ghetto Metal Movement”. Their incredible performances and relatable lyrics to life and politics have left lasting impressions on their fans. 

     This band not only works hard together, but they consider themselves brothers.  Nectic, (Lead Vocalist) has a great way of capturing the audience in his performance and style. Yohimbe, (Guitar and Vocals), has a wild and crazy side with the influence of Metallica. Emi (Piano, Trumpet and vocals), carries much mystery behind his mask while performing.   Ahmed, (Bass and Vocals ), has an intriguing and smooth groove when playing the bass. Last but not least, Aaron, (Drummer ), is the heartbeat that creates and expresses the  passion and excitement through every intense beat. 

     With all that said, Game Rebellion has released their latest single, “Blind”, which they currently shot a video for this pass monday .  Although, I didn’t know what to expect before the video shoot,  the taping and direction of the video turned out exciting and crazy in a Game Rebellion wild style.   Currently, the single “Blind” is on I-tunes as well as Amazon.  Check it out and let me know what you all think!!! ” Head bopper or Why bother?”  In the mean time, Game Rebellion will continue their tour next month and their next stop, India.  So please be aware of the next riot near you ! 

Single: ” Blind” —-

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