Music Soul child has officially kicked of a mini tour to promote his new album Purple Wondaluv’s : ” Eternal Peace ” EP . During his stay in New York he stopped by Milk River Bar and Lounge to give an exclusive and intimate look into the creation process of his album along, with letting the press hear selected cuts..

During his one on one sit down interview, Musiq described this new album, “Eternal Peace ” as less main stream project, but more  of his own independent work.  Along with promoting the EP  just the way Musiq Soul Child wanted, he also expressed to the media that, by promoting his album in a more intimate setting, he wanted to hear from his true fans their honest opinions about the EP  and for them to see a different and creative approach that he took.

Lastly, once the one on one interview ended, Musiq showed his humbleness by showing what true artistry was in all aspects by generously giving credit to his guitarist who helped him produce the album along with being thankful to his fans near and far for being supportive of his music. So without further a due , here is his full interview.


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