I am always 50/50 when it come’s to my thoughts on Rihanna, but since her major break and now releasing her new single “American Oxygen” I must say I think it’s pretty dope.   In the video she highlights,  all the up’s and down’s of this country from what we all call our American History. Even thought some scene may still be very sensitive for some, I think this video was very well done. The video was directed by Darren Craig and some of the clips included some of the protest for “Black lives Matter”, President Obama’s Inauguration,  9/11 to some very emotional clips of our america today.  I definitely see this song being scored for many documentaries.

Since RiRi released the single “American Oxygen” to Tidal first, many who subscribed got to see the video exclusively, before it was released worldwide; but now those who still have not subscribed can now see the video. So check it out!

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