Sensual and rhythmically seductive, “I’m that”, was officially released by R&B singer-songwriter, SPADE, and the single has caused an underground frenzy, since it’s release. Written by Spade himself and Soul Train Award Nominated writer Fredthewriter,  Spade, continuously shows eagerness, to make himself a household name.  Singing since the age of 5 and being surrounded  heavily by music with the  influence of his father, Edison Sainsbury, Sr, music became a big part of  his life, Spade states:

“My dad plays multiple instruments, produced and engineered so I was always in the studio.”

As Spade’s undeniable journey began from a young age in the studio, it was only natural  that he embarked on his own musical venture and established himself as a background vocalist. Once his foot was in the door, Spade, emerged as a successful BGV for some of our favorite leading artist, such as: Lyfe Jennings, Mack Wilds, Sean King, Bobby Brown and Jason Derulo; which has given him the opportunity to tour all over the world and gained tremendous experience to prepare, his transition from BGV to be the notable singer he is destined to be.

Continuously, pushing through all the odds in the music industry, Spade says:

“My father always told me that good music is undeniable. So do what you do to the best of your ability & things will happen for you.”

With that said, one important lesson Spade has learned while advancing in his career is he wants more than anything to be great at what he does and also adds:

“I want to be able to have a positive effect on peoples lives through music.”

Humbled and grateful for his path, that he has been blessed with, Spade, continues to prove not only does he have a raw talent, but he is a sensation force that is to be reckon with and his drive will be his source to drive him to the billboard charts.  Without, further a do, check out his single below.

If you are a Spade, fan make sure to check him out, on November 24th at Rockwood Music Hall,  in New York city to hear him perform “I’m That” live along with some new songs.  In the mean, time stay tuned for the release date of his album (Live|Love|Life vol.)
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