It’s that time of year!!! When your gathering your friends to plan for the ultimate summer and  planning the coolest trips to go on!!! Of course, while your planning you have to have the doppest music playlist to get crunk to and create memories with! With that said , check out the video’s below to add to you playlist.

If your a fan of the Jackson family make sure to check out Janet Jackson’s new single “ Dammn Baby” which was co-produce by Jimmy Jam and  Terry Lewis,  it will help you get that sexy look for the summer, by also including it as part of your workout playlist to help you stay motivated to reach your goal by beach body season!

Secondly, we can’t forget about Tito Jackson ! He is also not only still on tour with the Jackson’s , but he is also a solo artist still creating music and he has also released a new single called “Get it Baby” which was producer by one of favorite masterful producer, Pharrel himself !!! This single is definitely groovy and a fun record , so make sure to click play and vibe out !

Next up! Good ol’ Justin Timberlake new summer hit ” Can’t stop the feeling ” spread like fire all over social media after a 3 year hiatus and it has completely caused a conversation about this song becoming the theme song of summer 2016! This video has many special celebrity guest appearances, but the most special guest is Mama Timberlake making her first music video debut on Justin’s single!

Lastly, of course if you are looking for that anthem to explain your feelings to your boo, then J. Lo’s   new anthem will either help you stand up to your man or become that single and free woman that want’s to have the time of her life this summer with Janet, Justin and Tito!!!! Not only is the vibe of the song passing on a message to men, but the cinematography of this video truly captures   J.Lo’s vision in every moment spectacularly to get her point across.So for all you men out there,  many  woman today are strongly empowered and some of you pretty much should grow up stop looking for that female and really treat them as your love and heart!



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