Usher’s protégé, Dewey Da Don and Novacain spoke to Juicy Highlights and they have truly stepped up to the plate in a unremarkable way. Seeking to find his path, like many of the youths today, Dewey Da Don found out about Usher’s program and decided to take the next step of his life, by joining Usher’s New Look program. Once he joined the program, Dewey caught Usher’s attention with the fire he saw in Dewey’s heart. From that day on, Usher became not only a mentor, but began grooming Dewey Da Don to be an exceptional business man, philanthropist and artist of his own right. Along the way, Dewey not only learned about the music business, but he learned many life lessons; which prepared him for the next surprise that he received from Usher.  Check out his exclusive interview with NBC News.

Surprised and excited, Dewey was not only recognized for his participation in the program, but Usher chose him to become the Executive Board Member and Digital Program Director for the organization. In receiving such a great responsibility, Dewey not only continues to make this position his life work, but he wants his own nonprofit S.W.A.G. which stands for Strong, Willing, and Gifted , to succeed as well. His non-profit not only awards scholarships to empower youth to make the changes needed to match their passion with something positive, but Dewey also want’s it to also reflect what he learned from his mentor Usher.

To mirror those same lessons of what he learned, Dewey became a rap duo with his friend Novocain.  As the group continued to gain notoriety in the hip hop world,  the duo states that ,they will not only continue to push the envelope with their lyrics, but to make a point that, everyone has a life story and its up to them to show their fans how to rise above those difficult times , when life may throw you a curve ball.

Check out his tracks below and make sure to follow Dewey and Novacain’s project at Loudpack’s Website.

Here is a few treats! Check out some of their music below, especially the Killer State Of Mind Mixtape link.

Killa State Of Mind Mixtape




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