As many African Americans continue to feel helpless in how the black community and the black men in this country are being treated, many celebrities are using their platforms in many ways to spread the word and stand up for the rights of African Americans.  One celebrity to add to the list, is two times Grammy Award Nominee Ledisi. Known for her sultry and R&B sound, Ledisi has been a strong household name that has brought many different aspects of the world in her lyrics to reflect love.

In addition, through her soulful journey in music Ledisi has decided to released her latest single called “ I Can’t Breathe“, because she wanted to express her emotional pain that she feels from what has been happening in the world and wants to figure out how do people move on from so much pain. As this reaches your heart, it will make you reflect on our society and how we as a people need to work on loving more and truly finding freedom.

Here is part of the lyrics:

The pain from the past lives on and what do we can’t seem to get along…

What do we do now, what do we do

cause I can’t breathe, no I can’t breathe

In a world is scared of love and freedom isn’t free. No i can’t breathe.

Their has to be a solution…..

Check it out !


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