Legendary singer-songwriter and business mogul Keith Sweat is starting the new year big and has announced that he will celebrate his 30th anniversary in the music business by inviting you to enjoy his live performance at his new home the Flamingo Las Vegas for his residency!  During his exclusive talk with Juicy Highlights,  Keith Sweat touched on some very key points about his journey throughout his 30 year run. He gave some advice about music today, his transition from a stock broker to a professional musician and giving us the scoop as to why he believes his brand has sustained him for all these years to help mark the celebration and re-release of his album ” Make It Last Forever.”

Keith Sweat residency was not only an offer that he couldn’t turn down and has stated that:

“Today when you are asked to perform in Vegas It is a very big deal , because now a day’s it’s all about the whose of who at the beginning of their career and those who are at the top of their career. “

Check out the full interview and if your travel includes Las Vegas this year, don’t forget to catch Keith Sweat From January 17th- February 4th !

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