On March 1, the Billboard chart-topping and proud haitain artist Josh X released his new feel-good song, “Promise.” Of the song, Josh X says, I use to want to learn how to sing the songs that made all the adults get up and dance at a Haitian party.” And it worked. We can’t stop dancing to the Kompa inspired R&B hit. The smooth tones and beautiful lyrics sing the song of love, and the sweet sounds of summer. If you’re not already bumping it from your car, it’s not too late. Lend your ear.

Like what you hear? Check out the full mixtape titled “Amour.”

If you would like to hear more of Josh X’s music here are some more fan favorites which are also on his soundcloud page !

Twitter: @JoshXantus
Instagram: @JoshXantus
Facebook: @JoshXantus

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