I am so excited to announce , Janet Jackson has just released another single,from her Unbreakable album called “BURNITUP” featuring Missy Elliot.  Seriously,  I am truly loving how Janet is taking control over her musical career. #Sheisaboss. My only question is, how did these awesome collaborations, go under the radar, without it leaking?!!!!!!.  “BURNITUP” is definitely a club banger, because the beat and rhythm automatically catch your attention. Although, as soon as you hear the song, I can honestly say, all I heard was Micheal Jackson, but towards the end of the song you started to hear more of Janet.  Obviously, you can tell by this post ,that I am a Janet Jackson fan so all I can say is , you go girl ! #BURNITUP! Well, check out the audio clip below and can I say, Ladies!! new workout song!!!!

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