Born and raised in west side of Chicago, Saba Pivot grew up in a musical family which molded him to become the artist that he is today. Also known as, Tahj  Malik Chandler,  Saba realized early on, during his musical path that not only college wasn’t for him, but his love of hip hop intrigued him much more.  So Saba stepped out on faith and decided that he wanted to tell his life story through his music; which in turn made Saba’s vision come into fruition by being recognized as one of “The fresh faces of hip hop in Chicago” by the Village Voice .

As Saba spoke humbly about his upbringing and his love of music,  many saw the love and strong vision that he has set for himself;  as Saba Pivot continuously takes the path that his musical journey has taken him on.  Saba is not only pursuing a solid vision in his mind, but he has done his research on many of his musical inspirations, along with having the life and music industry lessons  already installed in him by his father Micheal Chandler, who is a Neo-Soul-R&B artist.

If you have not heard of this young Hip Hop visionary, now is the time to listen, because he has become a force to be reckon with and is creating a strong buzz that will become a household name, sooner than we think.  Check out the full interview below!

Update, Since our interview Saba is continuing to make a name for himself , by making his first national appearance with Chance the rapper at The late show with Stephen Colbert. Check it out!

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