In Life when you have gone through your journeys and been blessed to know what your purpose is everything always falls in place in a way you least expect it.  Recognized for his riveting political stance through his hip hop rhymes, Kendrick Lamar, has always found a way to use his platform for a purpose of awareness and positivism. Humbled and appreciative of all his life experiences from mentors and people he was inspired by, Kendrick Lamar has decided to make a great video to address and stress the importance in guiding children and young adults in the right path.

In addition, to being a mentor, Lamar has taken it a step further by collaborating with President Obama, for the mentoring program “My Brothers Keeper” and “In Real Life”  to push the awareness even more abroad for everyone to make a note of the program and to help others take a stance in giving back to the community by investing in the youth.

If mentoring one child at a time can make a difference in our country, why wouldn’t you want to help? Now, depending on the answer that you actually get back from that question is what you need to focus on, because in the end of the day you have to realize along your journey in life if you are actually fulfilling your life purpose.  In conclusion and in the words of kendrick Lamar:

” If this helps a kid to become better in life, I will always be aware of my influence and pay if forward.”



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