Ghetto Metal is a new genre of  music that is mixed with rock -n-roll and hip- hop and has been the latest underground buzz.  Although, their are some folks out there who are not familiar with it, this genre of music has been creating alot of great raves.  As I continued to listen to more of this new genre, I’ve begun to realize what the new hype is all about and surprisingly becoming a fan.

     So last night, I decided to go to a Ghetto Metal showcase to actually see what the new buzz was all about .  At about 11p.m. the show began, with host  Steph lova introducing all the bands that were performing for people like the President of  Atlantic/ Jive records, Esquire magazine and special guest celebrity MosDef.  Continuing to feel the vibe of the audience and the atmosphere I’ve come to realization, people came to not only hear something different, but to help them feel free just for a couple of hours.

    The participating bands were Game Rebellion, Bazaar Royalle, Mega Bone and Rasics.  Although, I shouldn’t enforce my opinion, the band that  SHUT IT DOWNNNN was Game Rebellion. Their performance gave such an adrenaline and head boppin’ rush that it made you look around and see if you were the only one looking crazy expressing your excitement. To further intrigue you, check them out for yourself!


Photo credit:  Giant Magazine

Link Credit:  MTV

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