Born and raised in Watts (Los Angeles), California. Kenyon Dixon, has grown from a boy in the projects to working with and/or toured as background vocalist for Nick Jonas, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Tyrese, John Legend, Faith Evans, Pharrell and More. As his career continued to grow, he gained 2 Grammy nominations for the projects he has written on TGT’s Three Kings and Tyrese’s Open Invitation.

Along the way of his career  thriving, Kenyon not only noticed that there was a need in the music industry to help creative individuals like him, but he was also able to find a co-partner to bring his ideas into fruition to pay it forward; and what they came up with was remarkably brilliant. Kenyon established a workshop called “Thee Master Class.” It’s a series of classes geared around entertainment (singing, songwriting, artistry, etc.).  The goal of each class is to prepare these creative individuals to position themselves for opportunities by sharing their own experience in these fields.

Why was this an inspiration and love for Kenyon and his co-founder? Well, Kenyon states:

“I felt like a lot of people gain leverage/status and never reach back out as far as showing people how to actually obtain that success. So I wanted to gear this mentorship program towards vocalists. To be able to cover everything from professionalism and vocal health to the difference between background singing/lead vocals and to give them resources on where to find opportunities.”

While working on paying it forward, Kenyon not only made a crucial point to give back to other musicians, but he also to make sure to push to focus on his craft to see his dreams come into fruition. So when asked, what would be his advise to others who want to be in this industry, Kenyon says:

“Not only should you be a triple threat, but you should really know your craft to excel and succeed in such a cut throat industry.”

Lastly, Kenyon is currently working on his next release entitled SUPAFLY. It’s an EP set to be released early/mid December 2015 and he was able to give us a snippet to check out.  #Superfly  . If you would like to follow Kenyon, to see what he will be up to and what his mentor Tyrese has up his sleeve for Kenyon, make sure to check him out on his social media pages and website links below.

Kenyon’s Website

Here is a few more dope songs that you can also check on Kenyon’s Sound cloud page.

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