makeup-9     Celebrities always look great no matter where they go; and one of the reason’s why is their Make-Up artists’.  Even thought, Make-up artists’ play an important role in a celebrities  fabulous lifestyle,  sometimes they become the celebrities best friend.   Not only do  Make-Up Artist  have to be up-close and personal, but they also  have to gain their clients trust with their faces.  

     Although, make-up can enhance the natural beauty, these artist have to  know about colors, contours and  skin complextions of  faces.   Most importantly they have to know about skin care, which is another way to make your skin look great even without  make-up.  Many people may not know this, but Make-Up Artist not only have to know  about different skin types, but they have to also know what look will fit your face just by giving yourBlack-Supermodel-Tyra-Banks-06-1 face a quick glance.

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