schonYesterday, the music world lost Schon Jomel Crawford, one of the greatest musicians in New York City.  Although, I didn’t know Schon many musicians from across the board came to the Village Underground last night to pay homage to Crawford and his family.  As an outsider looking in, many came together to perform not only his favorite songs, but they shared the fondest memories of Schon and all the doors he opened for all the young musicians.  

      Crawford, a performer, mentor, brother and son was also a very successful songwriter.   He has received many awards for his work, but Schon is  mostly recognized for “Love Like This” by Faith Evans.  He collaborate with Sean “Puffy” Combs, Clerence Emery and Ronald Anthony Lawrence for that specific track.  


     In addition, to all the musicians and singers pouring their hearts out about Schon, one point that was definitely made about this man; Not only was he talented, but he always made sure to reach out and touch each and every person that came along his path, which was one of the most overwhelming feeling of joy to experience last night and for that I will also pay my respects to Schon and his family.

R.I. P  Schon Jomel Crawford.

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