vick 1vick 2Ok seriously,  I really don’t want to repeat this story all over again.  So my question, to everyone out there is: Should he be released and do you think the NFL will bring him back?  Let me know what you think!

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  1. Vernet

    My opinion about the Michael Vick story is that the NFL has to let him back. They have no choice. Lets just act like there arent convicted drug offenders, people involved in murders, drug addics in the NFL. Please, NFL hides its dirty laundry better than any other league. The problem In Vicks case is that the NFL with all its glory couldn’t contend with the “Organization” that really put Vick in jail. “PETA”. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is one of the biggest oraganizations in America. Politicians, Judges, Soccor moms, police men, no matter what your occupation, race, or religious background, people are sensitive to their cause. Had this been Joe Blow form Compton California, we wouldn’t of heard anything about this case. PETA needed a big name to go after and be the face of evil, Who bigger than the poster boy of Americas favorite sport. YOUNG, BLACK, RICH……all ready three words that shouldn’t be used together in the same sentence already, Vick was the perfect target to put to help PETA get there name in the news once again.

    The Big questions to NFL teams is not can he still play the game after two years away, its how much negative attention is PETA going to come at them with. One thing I know, Michael Vick will get signed to a team……but know that PETA will be their to protest Vick all the way to the bank.


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