kedar Entertainment group is a record label that was started by a lawyer named Kedar Massunberg.  When Kedar  finally established the record company he signed two unknown artist at the time, by the name of D’Angelo and Erykah  Badou , which launched the new genre that we all know as ” Neo-Soul” .   As Kedar Entertainment  group continues to grow, with artists  such as Indie-Arie, Joe, Ginuwine and Chico DeBarge : Kedar has added a new face to the label by the name of Algebra.


Algebra, a Atlanta Native and R&B songstress has sung as a background singer for Monica and Bilal for many years.  However, as Algebra continues to strive for her dream she decided to take the lead on her career by concentrating on her solo album, which brought her to Kedar Entertainment.

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