It’s Vegas baby!  Time to roll the dice and enjoy vegas by first getting your favorite drink in one hand and taking a stroll down the strip built with flashing bright lights and Elvis impersanators.  Vegas over the years has brought millions of  travelers from all over the world to gamble, drink, party hard and leave behind a lasting memory of what did and didn’t happen in Vegas.

Although, Vegas may not be everyones cup of tea, Las Vegas has many different activities thats’ enjoyable for many, in all different age groups, such as: museums, concerts, comedy shows,  strip clubs , penthouse parties and boxing matches for everyone’s enjoyment.  A few other places to check out ,besides the bright lights of vegas is the Grand Canyon and Hoover dam; those two places are not only breath taking and captivating, but they are definitely worth the travel time to see outside of las Vegas.


Photo Credit: Juicy Highlights

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