Summer is over, but you are still a traveler at heart and looking for your fall season adventures?! Then you have come to the right place and Juicy Highlights is giving you the inside scoop on an awesome weekend trip, which is a well known  hot spot to visit called the Mansion On Street!

Juicy Highlights considers this unique Mansion as a great weekend getaway, because not only does the mansion has stories to tell, but you can also plan a night to stay! Yup! You read right. The Mansion is not only one of the top tourist spots in D.C., but it is also a venue that you can throw events and check into, just like a hotel! Although, we couldn’t get details on all the celebrities that have crashed there for a night or two, but the themes of each bedroom create a story that only you would want to hear from the President of the Mansion himself!

From the Rosa Parks room, the John Lennon Room, the secret doors and the hidden secret wine cellar diner room– not only will you  completely lose your mind, but as an adult you will feel like you are a kid at a candy store and enjoying the treasure hunts that the mansion has created for their guests to do as an activity once they decide to make the Mansion a part of their trip.

In addition to visiting, if you do decide that you would like to stay for a night some of the prices of the rooms vary, but start at $350.00 per night.

Without keeping you any further, check out my full video coverage with the President of the Mansion, Ted Spero, as he walks us through each room telling us the history and funny stories of a mansion that not only creates a buzz in Washington DC, but it will indulge your curiosity, to visit and see it with your own eyes.


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