Puerto Rico !!!!! Hey!!!!! Well if your looking for a great place to vacation, then one of the best places to visit is the capital of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan. An atmosphere that brings fun, relaxation and home away from home feeling, Puerto Rico, is definitely an awesome destination for a quick get away for a much needed time out. Once you take that first step of the plane and walk out of the airport the warmth of the sun and the smell of the beach, just automatically revitalize you.  Once you have taken in the moment that you are on this beautiful island, the next step is to hop in a cab and get to your destination as soon as possible, because time flies when you start having fun.

As soon as you have gotten to your hotel and have dropped of your bags and you’re ready to get a bite to eat and venture out, here are some suggestions of Juicy Highlights best suggestions. First and foremost, one of the restaurants that you should definitely is Raices Restaurant, because you feel the love and history of Puerto Rico, as well as having THE BEST Mofongo.  Secondly,  I would also recommend booking a group tour with Flavors of San Juan with a  group of your close  friends, so you all can enjoy your own personal tour by the historian that is provided by Flavors of San Juan to give you a tour around Old San Juan about the history and culture of Puerto Rico;  as well as  going to different restaurants to taste all the different types of food, drinks and dessert that Puerto Rico has to offer, per these pictures that you see below.

Last but not least, if you’re also looking for another tour, you can also go to the Casa Bacardi Distillery Tour   and get the history of the distillery as well as getting to learn the process of how the rum is created , with two drinks awaiting for you at the end of the tour all for FREE!!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed some of the details of Juicy Highlights trip to Puerto Rico and if you happen to go to these places that Juicy Highlights has recommended, feel free to comment and let other JH fans know about your experiences, but for now hasta la vista until the next Juicy Highlights trip!!!!!

Photo Credit: Juicy Highlights

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