As you read the title this blog post, your probably thinking, you are singing to the choir! You maybe right, but for a long time that was my belief and I couldn’t see myself going any further than just working behind the scenes and settling to live vicariously through others. baby picture
When I was a little girl living in Haiti the world of music, arts and entertainment was always the center of my existence and it intrigued me in so many ways, but most importantly it always put a smile on my face. So when I moved to Dallas, Texas barely speaking any English the love of music, arts and entertainment always stuck with me and never left. In that transitional stage of my life, television and music is what kept me having fun and falling in love with the American culture. Thanks to my mom flipping through the channels, one day she stumbled on Entertainment Tonight and fell in love with it. Now being that I was learning to better my English and understood what was going on, so I would watch along with my mom to find out what her favorite celebrities were up to. Observing the anchors and watching how my mother reacted to the show, not only designated with me, but it made me focus even more on the information and how fun it looked to find out about the latest movies, tours and yes, looking into the life of the rich and famous. As it became a daily routine to watch Entertainment Tonight with my mom, I realized how much I began to love it and even pretended to be the black Mary Hart, lol and practiced annunciating my words, just like Mary Hart, so my thick accent wouldn’t be detected. Since, the day that I began to daydream and my imagination ran wild on how many different ways I can land myself on the set of Entertainment Tonight.

Fast Forward,  I got accepted to USF and couldn’t wait to leave! When I finally arrived at the University Of South Florida, I decided by my sophomore year to major in Mass Communications with a focus in Broadcasting News. Once, I began my journey, I just couldn’t wait to learn more about the news and how the entertainment business worked. By my junior year, I pushed even more to continue studying, watching Entertainment tonight, volunteering at USF’s WBUL radio station as a radio host, applied for internships and worked part-time at our on campus television station that broadcast online
college 2Classes and our student projects to get as much versatile experience, that I could get. As summer began approaching and I heard back from MTV, I was so freaking excited that I didn’t even know what to do with myself, but cry happy tears that I got in the MTV News program. So I made my way to the Big Apple and from there my love for television grew more intensely and worked endless hours and working with the crews on field shoots, assisted producers during the VMA awards and I even had the opportunity to assist and observe hosts’ like SWAY, Gideon Yago and Suchin Pak excel at their dream jobs when they were shooting promos, interviews and even how they handled live crowds during the live tapings of TRL. (Yes, I am going way back to the TRL days.LOL)
After, experiencing that high of being able to see things on a first base experience, I went back to school in the fall to continue my broadcasting curriculum and when that first day of class began, I couldn’t wait to take what I learned in my internship and apply it to my homework. So I learned to write copy, shoot, produce, edit ,research and report to a point that I became obsessive with the art of  creating television, which helped build more confidence in myself and believe that I will be in the shoes of all the people I have shadowed.working on setWhen the day came to turn in my last and final project and put my experience to the test for my school’s news report, my teacher decided to remove me from the news desk an hour before we went on the air and told me that he thinks I should go operate the sound board for the show. So, without asking him, I listened to what I was told and refrained from showing my disappoint and annoyance that I felt about the last minute decision my teacher made. After, our broadcast was over and we were breaking down our equipment and cleaning up the set, I waited after class to speak to my professor and ask why he decided to switch me out from the news broadcast and his exact words to me were,

“Stephanie, broadcasting isn’t for you and as a seasoned reporter , you don’t have what it takes to be on television.”

So of course, crushed at hearing those words echoing in my mind and shocked with anger and disbelief, I walked away letting those words affect me and partly believed him.

As I arrived home later on replayed the conversation in my head, a part of me didn’t want to believe him so right after I graduated, I decided to pick myself back up and took other classes to better my reporting skills and applied to over 60, different news stations. Anxious and anticipating some good news while waiting to hear back to get an interview, my hopes began to lesson, because every resume that I had sent either didn’t hear back from the news stations or a letter was sent stating:

“Hi Stephanie, Thank you for taking the time to apply, but at this time we are sorry to inform you, that you are not the right fit for our station, but your information will be kept for one year in case future positions open up that match our criteria.”

After, reading those words and hearing the voice of my teacher telling me I wasn’t television material,  I still finished school and graduated with a Bachelors Of Arts in broadcasting and still walked across that stage and received my diploma with proudness; because even thought I felt the fear and rejection, I picked myself back up and stayed determined to find another way, which later created my love affair of creating  a new platform for myself which birthed Juicy Highlights; but hey that is a different story for another day.


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