When I heard that the creator of All My Children Agnes Nixon died. I was truly saddened.  All My children was one of the biggest aspects of my life that brought back so many memories . I remember when I was growing up in Haiti, since the age of 4 ,  my grandmother made her life revolve around her stories when she got home from work.  Yet, today I still laugh at the thought because even when I couldn’t quite understand it,  I knew that All My Children was a show that she loved to watch every day at 7 P.M while she held me in her arms glued to the TV Set, without any interruptions.

As I grew older and stopped being held as a baby  my grandmother and I would seat on the couch together , during supper time every single night with a fresh brewed pot of Bostello coffee and warm  slices of toasted bread with the butter melting through while served on the side of a hot bowl of oatmeal; just so we can snack and talk about the show. In particular what was happening with Erica Cain and her love triangle , Adam Chandler’s constant chaos that he was creating and the undeniable tear jerking love between our favorite couples Ted and Dixie and Angela and Jesse.  ( Even thought half the time I had to cover my eyes during the love scenes, but I still peaked lol ) Once I finally, moved to the states and began living with my parents that same tradition continued with my mom and sister,  but the only difference was this time around each night  ended with a phone call to recap what happened in the show with my grandmother to gossip the night away.

I could go on and on about how much closeness this show brought the women in my family, but i’ll wrap it by saying every show impacted me in many parts of my life. Whether if  it was a life lesson that Agnes was trying to pass on through each episode or just make you laugh, it all found a way in the home of millions to which each character became a part of us in our own personal stories and journeys.

Lastly, according to many different news outlets Agnes Nixon died at the age of 93 due to pneumonia resulting from her Parkinson disease diagnoses.

So to Agnes Nixon, may you rest in peace and thank you for all the memories and the forever bond that you helped create with the women in my family.



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