Dreaming,creating and playing dress up with her barbie dolls from the age of 10, Lindsay knew that she wanted to get into fashion.   Not knowing where exactly in fashion she belonged, Lindsay took the next step in pursuing her dreams by attending Iowa State, where she studied  Fashion Design and Merchandising, as well as studying abroad in London at the, London College Of Fashion, to educate herself more. Once this young midwestern girl reached London, at that very moment she realized, the Fashion world was way bigger than the small town of Iowa, then she could ever imagine . As her studies and travel continued in London, Driscoll become more determined then ever to learn about all the different Fashion designers, street fashion and vintage apparels and how to fuse them together to become a style.

Once Lindsay finished her study abroad program and went back to school, she became even hungrier to learn other tasks, by getting hired at a small local venue, for their wardrobe department that hosted big acts. When Lindsay began, she applied what she learned from school, while learning how to sew to make herself become more versatile to assist other stylists who worked for major musicians. Some of these musicians included: Billie Joel, Aerosmith, Dixie Chix and Cher, just to name a few. Dreaming of all the possibilities and staying focus on what the world of fashion could offer her, Lindsay landed her very first tour  for Prince’s “Musicology ” tour, where she dressed Prince and his band.

On that very tour, she learned many things and the most important lesson that she mentioned and want’s  up and coming stylists to learn is,” You learn everything and educate yourself as much as possible, because the grunt work that no one else wants to do, can become your way in, as well as giving you the upper hand over other potential stylist.” Secondly, she also wants you to know that, the key to becoming a successful stylist is , “You have to have patience, because you deal with a lot of personalities and a lot of opinions, so not only do you have to try to keep your core value and your creativeness, but you have to make sure to keep your talent, his/her assistant, managers,label, video commissioners happy and learning to sometimes bite your tongue.” Lastly, Driscoll also mentioned that, ” Make sure to keep your personal and business separate, because you never what can happen or who is watching. So ALWAYS keep it professional. ”

In addition, to all the new clients that she began building relationships with, Driscoll’s credibility and trust grew even more amongst her styling peers and in result of that, Lindsay was hired as one of the In-house stylist for BET, where she styled the VJ’s and anchors for the network.

Lindsay's Driscoll's Styles

In true fashion style and inspiration, Lindsay has now taken another step in her career by adding Mogul under her belt, by creating her own company in 2009 called Style Me Haute. Since then, she has continued to work with some of the best, as well as working in the plus size world, print to runway, creating webisodes as well as becoming a highly respected image consultant.

Lindsay Driscoll, you are a woman of distinction and Juicy Highlights cover girl for “believing and inspiring”.

Check out one you’re favorite video’s that you now know who styled it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wale- “Lotus Flower Bomb” Ft. Miguel

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