There are many levels of success. The question that we sometimes forget to ask ourselves, is how do we succeed in the particular profession you are currently in. Learning the proper steps to take, to make yourself successful can be the difference in having the career you are proud of or not. Juicy Highlights has finally listened to fan requests and has enlisted the advice of career professionals to help guide you on your professional journey.

An Executive Assistant is one of the most important positions in the business world. An Executive Assistant isn’t only someone that just answers the phone, but a person that is an important liaison between multiple departments and Presidents of major corporations.  Along with making sure that the departments are running smoothly, many assistants have to always make sure to be ahead of business needs to make sure everyone is taken care. This can range from maintaining the schedules for important meetings and keeping the company up to date on the latest policies. Secretaries_Day1

Juicy Highlights  has sat down with someone who has mastered the art of being an Executive Assistant. Antonia Andullerro, who is a successful Executive Assistant at a major television network, has agreed to share her tips on success. Andulllerro is not only, the face of the company, but she brings a certain distinctive and attractive quality to her current role; and because of her success people admire her passion and ability to connect with people. She’s created strong relationships internally and externally that will contribute to her success personally and professionally.  So here are some her tips below :

  1. Execute and then Follow up – People love it when you get the job done and then follow up with a phone call to double check that the request has been completed.
  2. Working well under pressure – The key is to keep calm, stay organized and have direction. Planning is vital.
  3. Be a problem solver – There will be things that happen that you cannot prepare for. Know who your resources are and utilize them.
  4. Know how to multi-task a heavy call volume, endless emails and clients showing up for meetings all at once. The key is to prioritize and remain focused and confident.  Just like dogs can smell fear – so can people.  Never let them see you sweat – you got this.
  5. Be professional and able to articulate in a clear and concise manner – Communication is key.
  6. Be willing to go the extra mile – This means doing things that are not in your current job description. This shows that you care about the success of the business.
  7. Customer Service – Providing quality service sets the tone for the principles and values in the office – it’s expected and it’s appreciated.
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills – Be friendly, pleasant and personable – these are skills that will help you build relationships.

Last but not least, here are a few websites to check out, if you are interested in transitioning into either virtual assistant and/or executive assistant position.

1.UPWORK- Formely Odesk

2. Freelancer

3. Indeed

4. Monster

5. Glassdoor

If you want to find out more about Antonia, outside of her executive role, please check out some of her work at The 13th Collection . As well as, In her columns that she has written for the Humor Mill Magazine called “The Star Spotlight”.


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