Empire Fans ! Can we talk about last nights episode !SPOILER alert!


Lucious first official press right in front of the Empire Building

Well, to start of from the beginning of the episode, Lucious Lyon finally makes his exit from the penitentiary straight to the Empire office for a quick press conference and drills his point, to the reporters, that he is still the Emperor of Empire and will continue to make the company bigger than ever, while quickly rushing inside to handle business.

In the meantime, while Lucious was being released Hakeem and Cookie prepare for a big interview with Sway, which by the way, makes a phenomenal guest star appearance, in last nights episode to interview Hakeem about his latest single that he leaked, against all legal advice, from his big brother Andre.

As the Interview continued,  Sway gives Lucious an Impromptu phone call, to ask him about Hakeem’s rebellious stance, for releasing the album and  when asked how he felt about Hakeem Leaking his album, in true Lucious style, he wasn’t quite happy at all, and his response to Sway was ” You know I always said, that boy has alot of growing up to do, I guess i was right huh?”. Also in the interview, Hakeem gives Sway the exclusive about his new Latina girl group , Mirage A trois, with spicy lead  Valentina Calindo, which is played by you tube starlet Becky G. As Hakeem continues to talk about the girls,  he excitedly tells Sway, “this new Latina group, will become the new household name under Lyons Dynasty.”

After the interview, Lucious decides to have a family dinner to ask the family to work together one last time  as somewhat of a peace offering, but under one condition, that Cookie stops running Lyon Dynasty.  So what do you think Cookie’s response was,” No, Lucious, I doubt Jesus Christ can save you, without burning his hands, I’m gonna save my son’s and build something nice for them. So I really don’t care what you do with Empire.” So of course , In true Cookie style, she walks out of the dinning room by dragging the table cloth with all the food on it , of the diner table as she walks off, in a total bad ass move, pretty much saying F*U Lucious.

Dinner @ Lucious

Family dinner, the night before the storm begins


Cookie realizing there is not a day in hell that she will rejoin Empire under Lucious

So what do you think Lucious does next? Since Lucious couldn’t take no from Cookie, he decides to call Cookie’s Arch nemesis Anika to help bring down Lyons Dynasty, and with much surprise Lucious catches Anika’s attention or so we thought, to help him in his crooked ways, but by the looks of it she saw right through Lucious.


Lucious offers Anika a deal to drag Lyon Dynasty down

In addition, to Lucious trying to keep his Empire on top, Lucious completely puts Jamals project on the back burner by not focusing on his needs, rather focusing on his new talent recruit , Freda Gatz, which is a hot commodity in the underground world and  is he trying very quickly to snatch her up before anyone else does; because Lucious believes she will put Empire on another level.  So in response to the neglect that Jamal is feeling, because of Lucious obsession with Freda, Jamal finally realizes that Cookie definitely had his back and we’ll, Luscious doesn’t have his back at all, to help push his new album to the next level.


Freda Gatz, The new artist that Lucious want’s to sign

So remember, how I mentioned earlier that Anika saw right through lucious, well I was right, because right after their intense conversation, Anika went straight to Cookie’s office to let her know what Lucious was up too and warned Cookie to watch her back. Now many of you are probably thinking,  wait? are they really putting their differences behind in this scene? Well, in rare form and for the first time ever, these two women finally put their differences aside, in agreement to ruin Lucious’s  and his plans for his self absorbed welcome home party, that he has planned.


Cookie Interrupts Jamals performance with Pit Bul


Introduces Hakeem’s new single along with special guest Timbaland , to perform his new single at Lucious’s Welcome home celebration.



Hakeem & TImbaland perform


Guest celeb Timbaland


Pitbull pitches to Cookie that he wants to work with her for a New Years event.

Now of course, after the party takes place, Cookie not only makes an imprint with her devious plan at Lucious Party, but she also makes a quick business exchange with another great celebrity appearance, Pit Bull! To work together in New Years project, because of how well Cookie raided Lucious party.  Along with Pitbull, another special appearance was another Lucious Lyon flashback of Kelly Roland, which was revealed last night, that  his mother is bi-polar; and  Andre has no idea that this mental illness runs in the Lyons family.

Valentina is Lucious new official artist under Empire

Throughout the rest of the show, the next scene focuses on  Cookie and Hakeem’s new girl group, to help prepare them for the Sway exclusive interview,  only to find out that the Lead signer of the group, Valentina, betrayed Hakeem and backed out of the interview with the rest of the girls from the group, to signed with Lucious; while also finding out that Lucious bought  Apex radio and throughout the country and is able to control all radio guest appearances across the country , which means blocking any Lyons Dynasty, artist from promoting their music.

So until next time my Empire fans! Stay tuned and check out the newest music video released by Fox for Jussie Smollet Ft. Pitbull called ” No Doubt About It “.


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