Every year everyone or almost everyone  always creates a new resolution or goals, but some people just rather wait for that new smell, speed and futuristic car that they invasion themselves driving into the new year. Well This year, Juicy Highlights got an  all press access to the New York International Car Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and I will say, if you aren’t into car shows before, the NYIAS will definitely turn you into a car loving junkie and you will find your self there every year from that point on.!!!

For those who aren’t into cars and wonder the purpose of this particular car show, well! it was created and designed to give public consumers an idea of what to look forward to with  brand new car designs, speeds, mileages and motors for when you decide, it’s time to purchase your brand new car in the following year.  Also, the fun side and the greatest perk of all, you get to see how much more the car companies are leaning towards more futuristic concept cars for the future, just like in the movies!

Some of the cars that were shown this year ranged from different centuries, but began with the 1900’s car models. With that said, some may wonder, how many cars are usually shown because, it is such a MAJOR event to attend. Well let’s just say for your pure enjoyment and from Juicy Highlights getting a tour of  all the cars , that  it was nearly about 1,000 cars that could be seen on four different floors of the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Here are some awesome cars that were in display that Juicy Highlights was able to capture up close and personal !

IMG_4622 IMG_4649 IMG_4645 IMG_4639 IMG_4627 IMG_4624 IMG_4675
IMG_4659 IMG_4663 IMG_4572 IMG_4674




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