As a child we grow and have  instant connections with a friend which can eventually lead to  “My BFF”!  When you become Best Friends Forever you dream your future together,  do your dirt together, Lie for each other, hide each others deep secrets and even plan for your kids to become BFF’s. Over the years you ultimately become Thelma & Louise, Christina & Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy and/or  Oprah and Gail! Now of course, as life continues and changes take place we assume these friends will always be around and the respect that each person has will never change. Then suddenly somewhere along the lines your friendship changes for the bad and not for the good, this is then the time should be taken to really evaluate where your friendship stands.  Here are ten reason you may have to reevaluate your BFF friendship.

  1. Your best friend does not call you first when they are in trouble or need to have that heart felt conversation.







2. They have never,ever, forever ever ever ( Sorry had a Andre 3ooo moment ) been to your house.











3.  Don’t trust them.









4.  If you have to question or doubt that your BFF has your back.









5.  You make the effort to visit him/her wherever they live out of town, but then you see them on Facebook in your home town and they never call or visit.

no call or text









6.  Your BFF Never calls unless they need something or just doesn’t call or text period.

no calling







7.When your BFF does not have a clear understanding on respect and crossing boundaries.

no understanding gif







8.  Being secretive,  Jealous or feel threatened by you.









9.  Only thinking of themselves first. For example a BFF that  never  checks up on you while your sick.










10. A BFF that backs out of the most important things that matter without explanation and/or just disappears.













11. Finding out all about their success, accomplishments and good news on social media just like everyone else.








12. Making you feel like more of a competition then a friend.










13. Throwing your happiness and accomplishments in your BFF’s face to show that you are happier them .











14.When you call to wish he/she a happy birthday and they don’t call back to say  Thank you.

forget bdaytex

“A Friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” -Unknown

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