If you think finding a roach or even ants in your cocktail drinks is disgusting, well think again. One of the latest trends in this particular restaurant, by the name of White & Church serve’s their exotic cocktail drinks exactly like that, with insects as the garnishes itself. How? Do you ask?! Well, co-owner and chef Matteo Boglione of White and Church has become quite popular, because of the choice of proteins he has chosen to decorate his infamous cocktail drinks with. Some of these drinks, which vary in prices start at $14 and are listed under the category of insects on the menu. Just to further enlighten you, here are some drinks that may make you nervous to drink, but are great! A martini made with a smoked tree bark mixed, A bloody Mary served with a mix of mussels , and even an infused tobacco and sugar brandy drink mixed with scorpions as decorations. If you are a person, that is daring, fun and loves exotic drinks , well this is the most exclusive and exciting place to be and a perfect place to hang out on a date!


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