Music and peace are always the one element that helps create unity among the human race. Peace is and has always been the key in helping the helpless survive and the strong to keep fighting for it.   Music on the other hand, always breaks the barriers that we as humans create when it deals with being judgmental.  Although, we may never know who some of our local community hero’s are, I can definitely point out  David”Deej”Digiantomasso as an influential community musician.  DiGiantomasso, a percussionist and producer, who has played for reputable musicians like Carlos Santana and Anthony Hamilton, has found a definite way of using all his teachings from his mentors to teach others about the power of peace amongst one another .  While promoting music and peace, Deej put together a small and intimate concert in New York to help gather and unite many people of different backgrounds to celebrate.  For those who missed an eminent show, here is a quick overview.

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