What is Hip Hop? Better yet how would you describe Hip Hop Today? Is Hip Hop only suppose to be about smacking your girl up , dropping it like it’s hot and shooting up our black sisters and brothers ? Or do you think Hip Hop can be used as a positive Christian influence in the young hip hop community?

Although Christian hip hop’s popularity has yet to hit the mainstream waives hardcore, there are still others keeping it alive thru their church communities. One local group particularly, that is creating an underground buzz and keeping Christian Hip Hop relative in the heart of Brooklyn, is Young Believers.  Lovers of god and inspired by god, Young Believer’s are a group of five ambitious men by the names of  William Blythers, Van Walker, Malcom Smith and lead by Mel Cody and Markell Armstrong .

Following the preaching’s and spiritual guidance of their Bishop Gerald Seabrooks,Young Believer’s, have become a  group with a strong Christian  background and belief , but also practice what they preach. Inspired and focused, YB has  found a way to stay in the path of their teachings, by always making sure to perform with a purpose to  inform their audience. With many Lyrical Christian values and positivity YB has definitely found a way to many hearts of non-believers to Christian hip hop.

When the heart and ears of the community began to grow and love Young Believers, so did their popularity in the Christian world of radio and the likes of Bishop Hezekiah Walker and Brother Ronald Cummings. As the fruition of their success continued to grow, Young Believers music became one of the Top 5 rotations, consecutively for three months straight in New York’s Leading Gospel radio station WLIB1190 am. Captivating and influential, these young men from Brooklyn have found a way of using music to their advantage, by being able to use hip hop to reach out to the young sisters and brothers to help make a change in their life.

Changing the views of many to help reach out to our community only takes a small step, but to have a spiritual and inspirational push is another indescribable level.  Young Believers have definitely taken it to another level and will hopefully be the future and face of hip hop in the Christian and mainstream world. So if you are ever in doubt and need a little inspiration , pop in that Young Believers cd and guess what you may just become a believer like many others.

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