Today Taylor Swift celebrates her 26th birthday today and she is continuously leaving a mark to follow. This year she has proven in many different ways as to why she is grateful! So how what can we take away for Ms. Taylor Swift that could help us grow in our on ways and be our OWN bosses?! Well, Check it out !

1) Taking control of your career by the horn

2) Know your worth

3) Protect your brand at all times

4) Have your powerful girl group to back you up

5) Show love to other women  and respect their craft

6) Shakes of your weight to stay in shape and healthy

7) Work hard , so play hard

8) Keep dating until you find the one that make you kick your heel up

9) Stay humble and always show how thankful you are to your supporters, friends, family and co-workers

My Boss Is Cooler Than Yours

10)Be your trueself

11) Always protect yourself and your image

12) Give back to others, because you never know their struggles while they are supporting you. Hence #Swiftmas and #Taylurking

Taylor Swifts Gift Giving

13) Connecting with people is your way of understanding others

14) Speak from your experiences to grow

15) Be Kind

16) Support others

17) Make time for those who matter the most , FAMILY!

18) Find inspirations to get your art or gift seen and heard by others.

19) Make a statement for those things that matter to you and stand by it

20) Reach for your goals even when they seem impossible.

21) Never give up on love no matter how many toads you’ve kissed

22) When there is beef always be the bigger person and resolve the problem

23) Love the inner you

24) Push through the hard times even if you feel like the whole word is against you

25) Don’t stand for anything that you don’t believe in

26) Remember where you came from and don’t change!


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