We are constantly bombarded by images of hot bodies that appear on TV, Infomercials, and in magazines.  Infomercials consistently show us a hot fitness model and their new fitness instrument. However, did you ever wonder how long it took the fitness model to achieve his or her perfect physique? Truth is a hot body may take a few years to achieve.  I realized, over the years, that there is a time dependency and a mental consistency involved in achieving your desired physique.

For those of you who have a high fat percentage (> 32% for men; >25% for women) it may take up a year for successful weight loss. This is considering that you eat right and exercise. After the initial weight drop, you must consider toning down the body. Toning up your body may take an additional six months to a year to get a solid body. Those whom have an average body fat (<32% men; <25% for women) it will take a few months to get the desired weight drop, and about another six months to a year to tone up.

The common faults are when a person drops the weight and tones up to their ideal body image; they tend to stop working out or eating healthier. To achieve and maintain your ideal physique you must acquire patience and mental consistency. Consistency is the key to success. Develop a mindset to achieve your goal… live your goal and become that goal throughout your life.


Danielle Gergeres,

Fit Guru.

Holds Level 1 Crossfit Certification

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