Every since I can remember I have always suffered from excessive dry skin.  So much so, that I would shy away from wearing shorts or skirts so that other people could not see how bad my skin was. I had cracked skin from my knees to my ankles, no matter how much lotion I would put on.  Now of course, through the guidance of my grandmother and mother I started to use cocoa butter which helped drastically, but I would always have to constantly re-apply it to help keep the moisture in my skin to prevent the dryness from coming back. I would also layer the cocoa butter with baby oil to help keep the moisture lasting all day long !  Honestly, sometimes I found it more irritating than anything to be that girl with the ashy legs and feet, so I always made sure to always carry endless amounts of cocoa butter and baby oil.

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Now as an adult, you understand how to take care of your body and skin even more than ever, and so I continued to search for the perfect product that would reduce the dryness from my skin while being a natural product. Since my continuous search, I found a new product line so far outside of cocoa butter called kate Lynn & Adwoa , that not only reduced my excessive dry skin, but my skin has stayed moisturized for longs hours of the day. My skin feels much more softer, subtle, refreshed and rejuvenated since I’ve been using it on a daily basis.

I could continue to rave on and on about this new skin care line, but I can only speak for myself by saying, “It has become my mini-spa treatment for myself, while obsessing over the fresh scent of morning brewed coffee from the Coffee Mint Body Scrub. So to all my readers that keep up with me and suffer from dry skin, here is my gift to you… this quick little review I did on the packaging right down to each product that I received and used!


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