Growing up in a caribbean culture I was always thought by my grandmother, that facial skin care is very important to maintain on a daily basis; which is why as I grew into my teenage years and woman hood that a facial regimen became an obsession. Although, some women don’t think about the importance of skin care or take the time to become knowledgeable about caring for their skin, they don’t realize the brutal damage that they are creating to their skin. Some of those improper care consists of, women not cleaning their make-up of properly, being rough with their skin, sleeping with their make-up, wiping their face roughly,not using the right skin care products, picking pimples and scratching their faces, not drinking enough water and/or eating properly and  not exfoliating their skin as much as they should.

Now with that said, some of the key steps to take when beginning to figure out how to even start your skin care regimen is:

1. Learning your skin type, which means knowing wether you have normal, dry, oily , combination  and/or sensitive skin type.

2. How can you figure out which skin type you have? You can first and for most, go to a dermatologist  and/or a licensed skin care/beauty consultant that can help you.

3. Resolved your skin type! The next step is to evaluate what skin care line works best for your skin type and stick to it for at LEAST  30 days, to see how your skin adjust and/or the results to how well it works for you. The reason for a 30 day trial is  because,  that’s  about how long it takes to see true results.

4. After you have figured out what products work for you, start with your skin regimen once waking up in the morning by rinsing and cleansing your face and then applying a morning moisturizing cream which contains SPF to help protect your face against the sun, while your out during the day.

5. Once your long day, has finally come to an end and I know your exhausted and all you’re thinking about is going to bed, stop yourself and think of what better way to end the night, then with a mini facial!!!!  So, use PROPER make-up removal tissues, Cleanse your face, moisturize and apply night creme to your face.

6. Last but not least, exfoliate your skin & lips at least once a week or twice a week with a lip and mask exfoliate.

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