Weight loss can be tricky. What is the key to weight loss, where do I begin, What should I do first? These are all common questions. Let’s look at the “idea” of weight loss. When we Google weight loss we see two major categories exercise and diet. If you look at the two terms exercise and diet you can see how both equate to the term weight loss or weight gain. The main question which is which subject matter has the highest percentage of weight loss or weight gain?



Let’s look at food, Food is needed for survival. If we eat the right foods we feel better and look better. When we eat unhealthy foods we develop illness and lack of energy. If we consume too much calories than we gain weight, and if we do not consume food than survival is slim.

Diet plays a bigger percentage of weight loss or weight gain. For example, people consume much more calories than they realize equaling to weight gain. When you change the way you eat, you will automatically feel and see the difference. Your nutrition is foundation to everything form better sleep to better mental focus. A healthy diet that is consistent through out life helps reduce and prevent common illness such as cardiovascular illness, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other illnesses. Therefore, when beginning a weight loss program or a life style change make sure to always focus on your diet. This is why when people ask me what I should do about weight loss, I tell them to find a nutritionist and information than focus on exercise.


Exercise is important too; however exercise helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helps you reduce weight loss, and physical illness. Exercise is such a natural part of the human experience because we are designed for movement. Exercise will help you lose the extra weight, shape your body, and improve overall healthy life style. Therefore, always keep in mind that nutrition is the foundation of weight loss and exercise gives results.


Danielle Gergeres,

Fit Guru.

Holds Level 1 Crossfit Certification

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