I recently had a Juicy One-on-One with Mr. Donell Jones and I must say he definitely has been on the grind.  Although, we haven’t heard from Jones in a minute he has definitely been keeping some secrets up his sleeve and is definitely coming back with a big bang.  Even though I am a very big Donell Jones fan, I really wanted to know what he has been too and also find out the 411 for his curious fans that still has love for him.  Check out the interview and let me know what you think.

Juicy Highlights: What is the definition of a true R&B artist and do you feel that you represent that? Donell Jones:  Umm, I definitely feel like I represent that, I think the definition of a true R&B artist is someone who perfects their crafts and who is really serious about their music.  Someone who won’t change just because there is a different style of music  that’s out and they will stay true to themselves and  just represent R&B to the fullest  and I definitely feel like I am one of those type of artists.

JH: I asked some of your fans on Facebook some questions and they want to know what inspired “A Portrait Of A Woman” and “Knocks Me Off My Feet”?  DJ:  A portrait of a woman was inspired by, umm this young lady, that I was in a relationship with and I wasn’t doing the right thing and  at that particular time, I just felt like,  we had broken up and I had thought about all the things and the reason why we had broken up and I wanted to write a song and I kind of wrote the song to apologize and kind of letting all the other women in the world know  how special they are even if they are with men who aren’t showing them respect, even at the end of the record I did say  “or you’ll end up like me,” so I mean, it definitely was something that  I just kinda of wanted to send that message out there to her and to let her know that I was sorry and basically that is where that song came from.   

JH: Are still friends with her today? DJ: Oh! Definitely, were still friends.

JH: Do you feel that you are given enough credit as an artist, because I feel that you are underrated and so do you feel the same way?  DJ:  I do, I do, but I don’t let it bother me, I think the reason why I’ve gone so much under the radar is because, the record companies that I was under never took me as priority to them and so they had other artist that they wanted to push more than me,  even though I continued to make good music and you know, I  just wanted to  keep my fans happy but I don’t think that they felt that my music was important  to them as it is the people that listen to me.

JH: Are you an independent artist now or are you still with jive? DJ: Oh no, I am definitely not with Jive.  I am definitely independent, I have started my own music company called “CandyMan Music Inc” and you know I just feel like there is nobody out there who can push me more that I can push myself.

JH: Are you in the process right now of starting your label? DJ: Yes, were in the process right now, I have a great team of people behind me and we are going full fledge this year and umm, I am really happy about this new label and I am also really happy about this new album to come with it and one of them being that my fans don’t have to wait 3 or 4 years between albums any more. Now I can release albums  as I see fit because, back in the day I had to wait because the other artist were coming out around the same time as me or something like that so now I just feel real good about the opportunity that’s coming around. JH:  You have been in the industry since you were 19, how do you feel that it has changed until now? DJ:  Oh, it’s changed tremendously.   When I came in the business, you know we had to sign fan mails and that was the only way that the fans can get in touch with you.  Now a days, you can go on Facebook, Twitter or anything and talk to the fans directly, which I think is incredible and you can go on Ustream and they could see you live and so that makes it incredible. I mean the down side is that, record sells have declined, but that part doesn’t really bother me because I feel that if you have true fans, they will go buy your records and the people who download were the people buying the bootleg on the streets anyway. Yeah, I think it’s bad for record companies, but who cares they make all the money anyway, but if you are a great artist and you have fans that love you then you will get support from your fans.

JH:  I know you’re coming out with your fifth album, but has it been titled yet? DJ:  It’s still untitled. JH: Have you thought of a title that you may want to name it? DJ: No,  I haven’t because as I go, I still  have about 25 to 30 songs that I have already recorded and I’ll keep recording until we say, ok let’s do this.  Right now I’m the process of securing some distribution deals that why I haven’t named it or stop recording, so you know, uhh until we secure that deal.  But umm I do know for sure that when my fans do get this album they are going to be like, “ Yo, wow this kid is crazy”, I mean like I said I had enough time to sit and watch the music game and I feel like my sound is totally different than anybody else that is out there, so I feel like a breath of fresh air compared to what’s out there now. JH: Since you mentioned that, who do you feel would be your competition now, with everyone that is out now?   DJ: To be honest with you, I don’t feel that anyone would be my competition. I feel like, I’m on my own lane you know, umm I feel like I have my own sound, I’m not trying to do what everybody else is doing.  I think that is what is going to separate me from the other guys out there, you know. Another thing that is crazy about the music business now is that, a lot of the artists sound the same and the reason being is that everybody is going to the same producers, so when you turn on the radio it just sounds like one record.  I think that is what is going to make me different, you know.  I think that’s why Maxell is a winner, because he has his own sound and it’s so different from what everybody is doing and when you start to hear something like that it kind of makes you feel good and that’s hot and I think that’s what gonna make music ultimately umm start to shine again, cause you know, when I first came out they’re was a lot of different artist and everybody had their own style of music and you know that’s what made music so great then.

JH:  What can the fans look forward too as far as the new album?   DJ:  Hits, top to bottom.  If you follow my career, I always try to make albums that  I didn’t focus on singles I’ve always try to focus on making an album that you can always play from beginning to end…..this one is going to be the one , that you put on and you relax to it, you know.  If  you’re going to drive a thousand miles you can listen to it or you can make love to your significant other and  you can just listen to the music.  It’s going to be an all purpose music , and it’s going to be that  feel good music  and I can’t wait for my fans to get a whiff of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years ….  Single one: “FREE”

JH: Are you collaborating with anyone now for this album? DJ: Umm, not really to be honest with you, in the past I’ve done songs with Left Eye, and I’ve done songs with Big Pun, but it was probably really just one, but  I really don’t do collaborations because I feel like when you go out and you’re singing in public,   people want  you and that other artist to be their together so i’ll just pretty much keep this album just me.  I’ll probably do just one collaboration with another artist ,but other than that  it will just be me and the remixes will just be crazy.

JH: Who would you say that you want that collaboration to be with? DJ:  I know who I would want it to be with, but I don’t know if that will happen.  I haven’t entertained it yet , but I would love to do a song with Mary J. Blige, because she is one of my favorite R&B artists.

JH: Did you listen to her album, because it’s really hot? DJ: Oh, Definitely it’s really hot, I Love her.

JH: When do you plan to go on tour? DJ:  Actually,  I’m starting the 11th of February and I’m starting in London and then working on heading back to the states.

JH: What is your personal quote that you live by? DJ:  Umm, “say what you mean and mean what you say”.

JH: What is the juiciest thing about you that you wouldn’t mind sharing that no one knows? DJ: Oh, wow I really don’t have anything.

JH: Oh! Come on you have to have something, LOL? DJ: Umm, just you know, I’m a really romantic guy,  you know what I’m saying and umm I know what the ladies want and umm, I’m just a ladies’ man.

JH:  What would be Donell Jones’s ideal date that you would set up for someone? DJ:  LOL, What would be an Ideal date, LOL?

JH:  You know the ladies have to know, LOL. DJ: It would have to be really intimate,  um I would say,  probably a nice dinner and it would be somewhere in the Caribbean, somewhere near the beach, I mean I don’t think there is anything better than that, the beach, the water, you know that type of thing.

JH: True or false are you a member of Kappa Alpha Psi? DJ:  No I’m not. I know where people get that from. I did a photo shoot and I did some type of sign and I guess that was their sign and I guess people took it and ran with it.

JH: Are there any other projects that we should be looking out for? Outside of the tour, the new album and  the Music Company? DJ: Yeah, I got a new rap song that I just did with this new artist and his name is LC and he is coming out with a video on the 6th of this month and  I am also getting back out on writing and producing for other artist, so  keep an eye out for that as well.

JH: Who would you want to start writing for?   DJ: I’m writing for everybody you know, I mean it doesn’t matter, I got a lot of songs.  For a while I took of writing for other people but , now I’m ready to get my foot back out there and you know share some of the music that I have.

JH: What is your favorite song out of all your songs? DJ: Umm, that’s a hard one right there, that is really a hard one, umm I would have to say two, that would be “ where I want to be “ and the other one would be, it changes so much, but it would be “Guilty by Suspicion.”

JH: Alright, well thank you so much!! DJ: Thank you, I really appreciate it. Last but not least, if you want to follow Donnell and keep up with what his latest ventures check out his sites.   Donnell Jones equals good and timeless Music.





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