“If you don’t inspire you, nothing else will.”

– Tyrese Gibson

     Grammy nominated-Singer, Actor, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker Tyrese Gibson has furiously sparked a new phenomenon in the world of Hollywood for the year of 2015. In a national post to the world and using his social media platform, Tyrese set up a virtual conference for all pre-approved press to ask any questions that they had about his new album, book, documentary, Paul Walker, and his latest film Fast and Furious 7.   As the calls phoned in, the feeling of excitement and laughter filled the air, Mr. Gibson”s enthusiasm, fun and humbled spirit made everyone feel right at home to ask him any question, for this first monumental press conference call, which has never been  done before, while sitting in his beautiful backyard.-8

Excited to talk about his new and last solo  album ” Black Rose”, Tyrese walked us down memory lane describing the creation and creative process that took place for the inception of “Black Rose”. To create the Black Rose universe, Gibson gathered a group of 19 people, including producers, singers and song writers and brought them to Paradise Valley, Arizona  where they resided in a rented mansion  for 34 days to create 146 songs. They brought the album to fruition, containing 20 songs and featuring some special guests such as:  Jennifer Hudson, Tank, Chrisette Michele, The Game and many other surprise collaborations.  In the end, Tyrese Stated, ” It was the most life changing experience ever, because we bonded through laughter, eating and praying together.”

Currently, the first single “Dumb Shit “, which features Snoop Dog and Black Ty has been released although the fans will have to wait for the deluxe double album to release on July 7th, to pick up their copy.

11 Along with his last album, Tyrese will also release his first audio book that will be scored with the instrumental songs from “Black Rose”, with the documentary, which will feature their stay in Arizona, while creating the Black Rose album. One of the key statements that Tyrese expressed on the press call  about the album is that, ” I do believe that Black Rose is my best album. People will experience different feelings and I’ve never struggled to record an album before, the way I did with Black Rose and so it’s my most honest and vulnerable album.”

The next single that Tyrese will release is called “Shame”, directed by Paul Hunter,  which inspired his short musical film featuring himself and Jennifer Hudson. Gibson states, “This will be a side of both myself and Jennifer that you have never seen before. Taking place in 1968 and I will be playing a character that has the likeness of Ike Turner, Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye. You will see my character struggle with a cocaine and alcohol addiction , while being abusive to my wife, which Jennifer will be playing; you won’t want to miss this.”BAck_new_10

Learning and accepting to walk in his truth, the actor/singer, has taken his life by the horn and never looked back since his infamous Coca-Cola commercial, and when asked why he is deciding to make “Black Rose” his last album, Tyrese states, “I want to be able to spend more time with my beautiful daughter Shayla and provide a good life for my daughter” as he gushes over his daughter, along with pursuing other business adventures and charity work outside of the realm of acting.

In addition to his album and documentary, Tyrese’s latest film, Furious 7, broke the biggest record out of all the franchise , by raking in over 384 million dollars in box office sales world wide opening weekend; but during the interview Tyrese stated that during the filming, the death of Paul Walker was very devastating to cast, because they all became family. During that time of mourning, Tyrese states ” The film was only 85% completed and because the family knew Paul would want to finish the film, his brothers Cody and Caleb assisted on set to  finish the remaining scenes of Paul Walker. ” As sadness filled Gibson’s voice he said , “as of now there is no plan to continue the Fast and Furious Franchise.”

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When asked what would be his last advice to his love circle, Tyrese left us with this:

“Forgive faster, hug longer, kiss slower and any issues and dysfunction that is happening in your life between loved one, that you believe they’re worth fixing , put those issues on table and pick them apart and fix the problem; because it is arrogant to believe that the next second of life belongs to you.”

-Tyrese Gibson

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