2010 was the year that not only brought chaos to the country we love to call ” Haiti Cheri”, but left many people homeless and Haiti to ruins. Since the earthquake, many have had to renew their faith and most importantly believe that their country will get back to the beautiful country that was Haiti was and still is. Although, we as Haitians continue to thrive on building the country up, some are making their mark , by documenting the true beauty that isn’t embraced by the media around the world, about this beloved country, that we call Haiti.  As Tirf Alexius(Director),Remoh Romeo (Executive Poducer) and Hugh Grady (Producer) bring Haiti to the big screen, they walk us through the lives of the Haitian people and how they have maintained life after the earthquake, as they search for their own loved ones through an intimate and personal perspective. Check out the interview!

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