Jamie Hector speaks to the public about his “Moving Mountain foundation”  and how he helps inspire his students in the program.  I had a great time covering this event  so check it out ! Let me know what you think.

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  1. MIkki Vidal

    So inspiring and motivating….Thank goodness for young positive collaborating men who reach out to the community and embrace art, talent and the potential in young souls. Its captivating how a dream can be lived in the real and extended to many other lives, thus changing the world. I support creativity, mentoring and disciples. If we continue to share ideas, dreams and talent, then we create a motion, a vibe and a tone of positive unity. I commend the Moving Mountain Foundation and all their efforts and achievement of creation. Thank you for this exclusive wonderful interview from Stephanie Gergeres.
    much luv
    A mom/teacher and admirer of art from NJ

    • JC

      I met Jamie Hector before and he is the real deal. I’m not surpriised to that he is doing this work with youth. He obviously experienced a lot in his youth and he is trying to help where it counts most. Now i am a bigger fan!

  2. steve

    Great interview ….. Can’t wait to see more intv from Stephanie Gergeres…
    The program itself is a great idea i hope it helps alot of young people out there.


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