A day in New York City is always full of life and energy, but most importantly New York is known as the ” City that never sleeps ” and the place were everyone dreams big to have their dreams come true in the movie and television business. In this show today, you will get to see where the Tribeca Film Festival Family day was held along with some of our favorite things that we like to see and know about behind the scenes;  such as the movie trailers used on set by the actors, the type of cameras that are used for the car chase scenes and also the kids had a chance to check out the “DeLorean” from the “Back To The future” Film.

Next up you will get to see Alysia Joy Powell speak to Juicy Highlights TV about her new role in the hit NBC Show, Mysteries Of Laura and her struggles as an actress before she landed her role and some advice to up and coming actors in the television business. Lastly, the directors and producers of the critically acclaimed filmed “Lakay” give us a look of Haiti from their director’s lens on the people and the beauty of the Island they call “Haiti Cheri”.

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