Last night, DigiWaxx Hosted Consequence’s Music Meeting and in that Exclusive interview Consequence made it clear that he isn’t going anywhere, but to the top.  During this private listening session,  Steph Lova  of  Power 105.1  interviewed  Consequence to fill us in on his latest projects.  During their chit chat, Consequence introduced a few songs from his  new mix tape called ” Movies On Demand” which is set to be released on March 15th,  while his album ” Cons TV” is set to drop between May Or June.   

     At the session, Consequence showed a lot of passion and excitement about his mix tape and album .  I mean on the real, Consequence was so hyped about his project, he literally jumped up performing and spitting each rhyme as the songs were being played.   Steph Lova was so thrilled to see  his love for his music seeping through, that  she interrupted  his mini performance, and  comically stated ” Wow, I know you love your own shit and that’s wassup”.  Now in my opinion, that was hot to see, because today many artist don’t even show their excitement about what they are working on, let alone vibe and spit with their  own music, so that example right there,  should tell you all about what true passion for your music is.  

     As Steph Lova continued the interview, Consequence dropped the bomb by letting us all know that two of Hip Hop’s  biggest hitters   Kanye West and Q-tip,  which have never worked together decided to team up and produce his whole album ” Cons TV”.  Now, when I heard that, all I could think about  in my head was , wow this man is definitely  coming out with some man power behind him and I know you guys are thinking that too! 

     Not only did Consequence fill us in about his background work with other artist such as, producing on Kanye’s College Drop Out album, but he also spoke about all the influences that he had for each track on ” Movies on Demand”  and “Cons TV”.  As we all sat in the intimate session and listened to each track, everyone definitely had their head bopping, including myself.   Now here is the kicker about this hot new album,  Consequence is  really collaborating with some heavy hitters:  John Legend, Kid Cudi, Rick Ross, Music Soul child, Asher Roth, Maino and Diddy.  So in the words of Consequence, ” I am working with best of both worlds and ain’t no MC better than me.”

Check out the video!Consequence ” Whatever You Want” Ft. kanye West & John Legend

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