Known for her exquisite expertise in fashion, beauty and style, Essence Editor-At-Large, Mikky Taylor, is definitely a renaissance woman that knows how to help others self-nurture themselves through health, beauty and fashion. Mikki’s new book, Commander in Chic; which represents everything that Taylor believes in, uses our First Lady, Michelle Obama, as a prime example of what staying true to your style means. While she had a chance to speak in more detail about her book, this is what she told Juicy Highlights.

JH: What inspired you to write this book?

MT: “Well, everyday women inspired me to write this book really and I used Michelle Obama as a perfect muse, because she is comfortable in her own skin and walks in full assurance of who she is. I also want women to define their dress and life code, by acknowledging their style of distinction. “

JH: What inspires your style?

MT: “ You know my style is classic with a twist and I really stay in my lane , because that’s where I enjoy myself the most and I don’t try to become someone else’s copy; and I think one of the greatest gifts to give yourself is to make those self-discoveries. Like Mrs. Obama, I’m having great fun with myself, fashion, and style by experimenting with everything that’s at my finger tips that works for me.”

JH: How can women define what their sense of style is on a budget?

MT: “You really need to have that internal conversation with yourself and ask what is important to me and ask yourself what you want to say about yourself. You also have to figure out how high your confidence level is; and if you realize that it’s not a 10, then you need to ask yourself what I am prepared to do about it. You also have ask yourself, Am I a classic dresser, a minimalist, bohemian, glamorous, romantic, or sexy. Once you’re able to figure that out, you can shop anywhere and at any price; which again Is why Mrs. Obama is such a great muse for that, because she shop’s everywhere, from Target to the nation’s leading designers, because she knows what her style is.”

JH: What are six top advices that you would give to women to maintain their style? MT: “Avoid the trends, establish a bankable wardrobe, know what’s in your closet, and get those bold accessories, a great seamstress and/or tailor and always keep your heels and handbags well kept.”

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