If you haven’t heard of the name Christon Gray, then you should be prepared to hear this talented artist hitting the radio waves sooner than you think.  As his fan base grows by the mass , many  can’t get enough of his new album “School Of roses.” Teaching himself how to write, produce , rap and sing as he was growing  up  in Ohio, he realized that he had a passion to become a true musician at heart; and to further himself in his career , he used songs from his favorite artists that inspired him to develop his own sound.

Now that he has signed with Collision records Christon Gray, has not only continued to make a mark, but he is truly showing that anything is possible if you stay true to yourself. As the “School Of Roses” album, begin to hit the online circuit,  “School Of Roses” topped the iTunes charts at the #1 spot  as well as climbing to the #5 spot on the billboards charts.  As he takes the journey of being on the road, Gray states that , “Creating this album was more of a resume, to get more people to come out and experience the feeling behind the music up close and personal.”

As Gray continues to  promote this album, one of the key advice that he wanted to share with JH readers, that desired to be in the music industry and are up and coming artists, Gray state ,” To take your time to develop your craft so that you can make your impact, no matter how large or how small.”


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