If you haven’t kept up with Delhia and Graeham’s MySpace Wedding, well, Executive Producer David Armour spoke with Juicy Highlights to give us the Juicy details as to how the show “Married On MySpace” came into fruition.  Along with the couple dishing out the details about the wedding process and how they feel about being the second couple to be married on MySpace.  Check it out and please leave your comments. 

How did you come up with the concept of the show?

It was a join effort with MySpace. 

-What was the process like to pick the couples?

It’s start with the video submissions, members of the community sending out videos as to why they deserve to get married on MySpace and as to why they should be picked. Then we picked the 3 couples, and then we turned it over to the MySpace audience to pick the audience. 

Do you think the concept of the show will change the meaning of what a

Traditional marriage is in general?

No, I think it’s an interesting way to watch people explore they’re relationship for their wedding planning; But no I don’t see it changing the traditional ways of marriage. 

-What was your thought about the couple when they were chosen, by the audience of MySpace audience?

Did you see something in them as to why you felt they were chosen?

I mean there is obviously something about the couple that topped with the community and people that thought it would be interesting to watch them through this process. 

-Have you met the couple and how do they feel about being chosen for the show?

Obviously, they are excited you know. They talk to each other, so I don’t think they would have submitted themselves if they weren’t excited about the process. What you see in the series is that they are in the everyday stress of wedding planning and then we see what happens when the control is taken away from them and the stress that it brings, especially with Dehlia and her family. 

-Will MySpace continue with the next season, after Graeham and Dehlia?

Oh, yes the idea is to continue the show just as if it was airing on television. 

Now here is my continued interview with Graeham and Delhia: 

How did you meet?


At the Cal Poly Pomona Dorms.  It was my freshman yr and I thought he was cute. My roommate knew Graeham and introduced us and we started

dating a few months later.


Yeah, what D said.  It was my sophomore year at Cal Poly. She was the hottest girl in the dorms. How lucky am I? 🙂 

How long have you been together?


8 years in April


“And it seems like only yesterday…” haha 

– How did Graeham propose?


He planned a camping trip on Catalina Island for our Anniversary.  He took me on a romantic hike through the island and popped the question. I was so surprised/happy that I forgot to answer….but I eventually said yes.


Yeah, she started crying and looking at the ring and didn’t answer.  I was like “so… how ’bout that question?”, haha and she laughed, and said yes 🙂 

What made you want to compete for a MySpace wedding?


We had been engaged for 3 1/2 years and had gotten nowhere.  We wanted something different/original but didn’t know where to start and didn’t have the budget.  I came across an ad on the internet that said “do you want someone to PLAN and PAY for your wedding?” I was like HELL YES!!! It turned out being perfect for us


Yeah, after trying to plan the wedding for so long and having nothing to show for it, we really needed some help.  Thankfully, MySpace stepped in and made it happen! 

–  Now that you guys are the official chosen couple, how has this experience changed your relationship?


It’s been stressful at times, but I think it’s actually made us stronger.  We really had to work together to get this and we’ve become a lot more grateful for the things we’ve been given.  We really get a lot of great laughs out of this whole situation.  Throughout this whole experience we want to make sure we don’t change how we are we want people to see the real us, good and bad.


I don’t really think it has changed our relationship, besides the fact that we will actually be married.  We will have been together for 8 years in April and have a strong relationship.  If anything, being a finalist gave us a really challenging task that allowed us to come together and compete as a couple.  Since we are competitive, it was

great that we could work towards such a challenging goal together. 

How are you dealing with the fact that, you aren’t going with the traditional way of getting prepared for your wedding?


If you couldn’t tell already, we are a very NON-traditional couple. We like to do things differently and sometimes people don’t like that.  But we thought this was the perfect opportunity to have a memorable wedding that’s unique just like our relationship. We have liked some of the options and not liked some of the options, but this is what we signed up for.  We will voice our opinions, but at the end of the day we are just happy to be getting married after all these years.


We expected to not get married in a traditional sense before Married On MySpace, so we are dealing with it well. Tradition is all fine and good, but we’ve always wanted to put our personal spin on things, which is one reason Married On MySpace is perfect for us. 

– Has this experience changed both mothers’ opinions of your wedding and relationship?


At first I think my mom wanted something more traditional.  But now she’s really getting used to this whole MySpace thing, she’s even voting and started reading the comments…which makes me kinda concerned, haha.


Our mothers know us and how we are.  They know that this is “something we would do”.  They love us and embrace our decision. 

So far, with everything that’s been chosen by the MySpace audience, if you guys were given a chance to change something before the wedding what would it be and why?


I would change Graeham’s tux options and let him pick out his suit because we don’t really like any of the options.


Yeah, to this point my tux has been the biggest disappointment.  I would definitely chose to pick my own tux and not have any of the three voting options MySpace provided. 

If you could redo anything about this whole experience would you change anything or would you choose to get married all over again on MySpace?


I would definitely get married on MySpace all over again!!


This has been an amazing experience so far.  I would get Married On MySpace, over and over and over again. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview, because  the show is juicy and entertaining. So make sure to stay tune until Graeham & Dehlia’s wedding day and keep voting! 
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