Raped and sexually molested by her family and severely beaten by her biological father , Aimiende “Aimi” Negbenebor Sela,  portrays her true life story; which takes place in Nigeria, West Africa  by writing, producing and directing her brand new short film , ASA, A Beautiful Girl.  The film not only touches on the life of Aimi, but it also brings to light the reality of what truly happens to many little girls in West Africa , by showing the raw and painful side of losing your innocence, by someone who is close to you.  During the private screening, Aimi enlightened her  guest’s, by informing everyone why she decided to tell her story and why  now was the right time.

Although, Aimi still isn’t fully ready for the world to see her story, she believes it needs to be told to help reach other young girls to give them hope, by looking for a better life and believing in themselves.  Towards, the end of the event, Juicy Highlights, had a chance to speak to one of the cast members, Erika J. Woods; which plays  ASA’s(Aimi)  Foster mother, Baderinwa , says” Being able to work with Ami and knowing that this was about her life, I knew this was a true blessing and I knew in my heart I had to give it all, because the quality of the story had to be told the right way,to get the message through”.  Check Out the trailer —>.  ASA, A Beautiful Girl Trailer

Ami ( On the Right )

The Cast

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