I totally loved this interview!!!! I must say it was different, fun and most importantly it showed the creativity of the president and white house staff to reach out to a variety of  demographics on a diverse level than the traditional. How were these you tubers picked? Well, Hank Green, Bethany Mota and Glozel  Green were  chosen because, they are the top three most viewed talents on You Tube; and I guess as of today it is safe to say that, from this point on they will continue to be well known across the board, after this interview with President Obama.

Secondly, the question’s that these you tube stars asked were not only great questions, but to me they felt more real and not rehearsed compared to the traditional ABC, CBS and NBC news reports that we see on a everyday basis. I must say though, the most entertaining interview out of the three was Glozel’s Interview because; she obviously had no filter, when Greencalled Castro a “dick “and mistakenly called  the first lady, his first wife; but in true Obama form, he rolled with the jokes, which eased Glozel’s embarrassment.

On a personal note, can we please talk about that green lipstick though? lol , I know the President won’t hesitate making inside jokes about that.  Check out the interview !

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